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# Learning Chocolate

This web site aims to help students to memorize vocabulary in an easy and efficient way, by using pictures, sounds and games.

On the Road



reading activity listening activity Emergencies

Students listen to or read about three different emergency situations and complete responses to a 911 operator.


reading activity What happens here?

Students look at pictures of different buildings and tell what happens in them.


reading activity

Map Reading and Giving Directions

# Giving Directions 1

Students identify the location of a snail (above, below, on the left, etc.).

# Giving Direction 2

Students practice directions by matching pictures with words. Then they could play a concentration activity to re-enforce the terms.

Giving directions in a building

Students correctly sequence directions to help a student find different rooms in a school.

Reading a City Map

Using a map, students give directions to 12 different locations in the town. Students practice prepositions and cardinal directions.

Map reading practice

Students practice directions on a map.


listening activity Listening to Directions

Students complete four listening activities. In the first two, students sequence directions to places on the National Mall. In the second two, they listen to directions and determine where they are.


reading activity listening activity Where to Find Help

Students listen to a story about a woman who is not having a good day. They reconstruct the story, complete a cloze activity, and complete short-answer questions about it. They then use Google to find help for her problems.