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Listen to listen and read read  this story about the
problems Sarah Gomez has.

Before Sarah Gomez woke up this morning, she knew that this would not be a good day.
When she pulled into her driveway after returning from the grocery store last night, her car
sputtered and died. As she walked up to her door with her bags of groceries and put her key
in the lock, it snapped off. She had to go to the other door. She just put the groceries away
and went to bed.

Sarah knew she would need to call somebody for some help with her car. She also knew
that she would have to call someone for help with the broken key in the lock. But first she had
to get going. She just wanted to take a nice hot shower. She turned on the water, but it
never got hot. Now she would have to call someone to fix the water problem.

When she was getting dressed, Sarah remembered that she had to make an appointment
because a tooth was bothering her. She thought that this bad day was not getting any better.
Too many things are going wrong. Then she suddenly realized that today is her mother's
birthday. She planned to take her some flowers as a present. Somehow she still hoped to do
that, but she didn't think that she would have time for that. Maybe she would just have the
flowers delivered. With a little luck, maybe this day will get better!

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