Pronunciation Practice
Listening and Recording


• Right click on a file below and select "Save Target As...".
• Save the file to the Desktop. After the file is saved, minimize your browser.
• Find the file on your Desktop, right click on it, move to "Open With",
   and select Audacity.
• After your file opens in Audacity, click on the green arrow to listen to the words.
• When you are ready to record these words, click on the red record button.
• You will hear a word then a pause. Say the word into the microphone at the pause.
• After you finish recording,click on the green arrow and compare your recording
   with the one provided.

• When you are finished, close Audacity, return to your browser,
   and repeat this process with another file.

• Before you leave the computer, please move all downloaded files to the Recycle Bin. Thanks.

Words with the B sound


Words with the F sound

Words with the V sound


Word Pairs

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