Basic Sight Words

List 1




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  thes.mp3 the
  the2.mp3 She climbed the mountain.
  tos.mp3 to
  to2.mp3 I am going to the zoo.
  ands.mp3 and
  and2.mp3 This is Sarah and her brother.
  hes.mp3 he
  he2.mp3 He is a good boy.
  as.mp3 a
  a2.mp3 This is a dog.
  i.mp3 I
  i2.mp3 I am happy.
  yous.mp3 you
  you2.mp3 You are my friend.
  its.mp3 it
  it2.mp3 It is sunny today.
  ofs.mp3 of
  of2.mp3 He says the Pledge of Allegiance.
  ins.mp3 in
  in2.mp3 I am in the car.