Words on a Job Application

Click Next Card to see a word or a term used in job applications. When you see the word, try to tell what it means. Then click Next Card again to see if you are right or to see what it means.

most recent jobyour job now or your last job
availablewhen you are free to work
FTFull-time --- 40 hours per week
PTPart-time --- fewer than 40 hours per week
OTOver-time --- more than 40 hours per week
shifttime of day that you work - morning shift (9 AM - 5 PM) night shift (11 PM - 7 AM)
preferenceto like one thing better than another
shift preferencetime of day you would like to work - morning shift or night shift
skillsthe things you know how to do for your job

For example: build houses, cook Chinese food, answer the telephone

referencesA list of people who can say good things about you and your work.

These people recommend you for a job.

salaryyour pay for a job
work experienceyour job now and your past jobs
reason for leavingwhy you left your job

For example: to move to the U.S., for a better job, for better pay.

positionthe name of your job

For example: secretary, teacher, cook, roofer

supervisoryour boss
recentin the past but not very long ago