Practice with -ing




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  wlk.mp3 I am walking to the school.
  wlk2.mp3 I'm walking to the school.
  tlk.mp3 I am talking to the teacher.
  tlk2.mp3 I'm talking to the teacher.
  fsh.mp3 I am fishing for fish.
  fsh2.mp3 I'm fishing for fish.
  smk.mp3 I am not smoking in the house.
  smk2.mp3 I'm not smoking in the house.
  wrt.mp3 He is writing in the notebook.
  wrt2.mp3 He's writing in the notebook.
  rdg.mp3 He is reading a book.
  rdg2.mp3 He's reading a book.
  slp.mp3 He is sleeping in the bedroom.
  slp2.mp3 He's sleeping in the bedroom.
  eat.mp3 He is eating a banana.
  eat2.mp3 He's eating a banana.
  drk.mp3 He is drinking water.
  drk2.mp3 He's drinking water.
  drv.mp3 She is driving her car.
  drv2.mp3 She's driving her car.




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