Talking to Medical People


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Receptionist:  Hello, Colorado Springs Medical Offices. May I help you?

Anna:             Hello, I want to make an appointment to see Doctor Lee.

Receptionist:  OK. What's your name?

Anna:             My name is Anna Garcia. G-A-R-C-I-A.

Receptionist:  Are you a new patient?

Anna:             No, I've seen Doctor Lee before.

Receptionist:  Why do you want to see the doctor?

Anna:             I have had a very bad sore throat for five days.

Receptionist:  When can you see the doctor?

Anna:             This afternoon about 3 o'clock.

Receptionist:  I can get you in at 2:30. Will that work for you?

Anna:             Yes, I can be there at 2:30.

Receptionist:  How will you pay?

Anna:             I will pay with cash.

Receptionist:  OK, please come in this afternoon at 2:30.

Anna:             Thank you. Good bye.

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