Talking to Medical People


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MARY LOU:   Hello Nellie.  I am Mary Lou, Dr. Van's nurse.  Why do you need to see the doctor today?

NELLIE:         I have a pain in my stomach.

MARY LOU:   How long have you had the pain?

NELLIE:         Two weeks.

MARY LOU:   On what side do you have the pain? The right or the left?

NELLIE:         On the right.

MARY LOU:   Is the pain sharp or dull?

NELLIE:         Dull.

MARY LOU:   Do you have the pain all of the time?

NELLIE:         No.  It comes and goes.

MARY LOU:   What have you taken for it?

NELLIE:         I've taken some Tylenol.

MARY LOU:   OK.  I'll tell the doctor and he'll be in to see you soon.

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