Talking to People You Don't Know

Listen to listen and read read  this conversation between Roberto and Sylvia. They just met at a party.

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A.   Hello, my name is Roberto.

B.   Hello, my name is Sylvia. How long have you lived in the US?

A.   I've been here for about 3 years. How about you?

B.    I've been here for two and a half years. Do you have a job?

A.   Yes, I work at the Antler's Hotel.

B.   What's your job?

A.   I'm a receptionist.

B.   Do you like your job?

A.   Yes, I like the people there and the hours I work. Do you have a job?

B.   Yes, I work at Tres Margaritas. I have been there for a year now.

A.   Do you like working there?

B.   Yes, it's a fun place to work. May I get you something to drink?

A.   Yes, what do they have to drink?

B.   I think they have, pop, beer, and wine. What would you like?

A.   I think I'll have a beer, please.

B.   Here, it is. What do you like to do on weekends?

A.   I usually party with my friends. How about you?

B.   I like to go to clubs with my friends.

A.   Do you watch television?

B.   Yes, my favorite show is American Idol.
      I like to see the people who are bad singers.
      They are really funny. What do you like to watch?

A.   My favorite show is Desperate Housewives.
      I like Eva Longoria because she is so fine looking.

B.   I hope to see you later. Bye.

A.   Me, too. Bye.

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