Room to Grow

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Since I have 2 dogs, 4 cats and 6 goldfish, I decided I need to move out of my apartment and find a house for me and the animals. My one-bedroom apartment is too small. So I'm going to look for a bigger place, maybe a three-bedroom house. First, I saw an old house with a big yard and even a swimming pool, but it needed too many repairs. I was worried about this house because I am not good at fixing things. Then I saw a new house, but it didn't have a yard in front or back. Finally, I saw the perfect house with a "For Sale" sign in front. I made an offer, and the seller accepted it. I then went to the bank to borrow the money for my new house.

After buying the house, I decided that I need more furniture - more beds and other things. I went to the furniture store, but the furniture was very expensive. After paying for dog food, cat food, fish food and the loan to the bank, I don't have extra money for expensive beds. So, I only bought a table and 2 chairs. When my family comes to visit, we can go camping in the backyard.