The Rooster and the Fox

Read the story and then select the correct answer for each question.


A rooster sat perched way up in a tree, crowing loudly. A fox heard him and came running to see if he could get a chicken dinner. On the way he thought up a plan to get the rooster to come down. “Hello, brother Rooster,” he said in his nicest voice. “Have you heard of the universal peace agreement that has happened between all the animals? We will none of us ever eat each other again but live in peace. Why don’t you come down and we can talk about this great news?”
The rooster knew what kind of animal the fox was. He knew the fox was trying to trick him. So he decided to trick him back. He looked very closely at something far in the distance. “What are you looking at up there?” asked the fox. “I think I see a pack of dogs coming this way on a fox hunt.”
“Well, if that is the case, I better be off,” said the fox.
”But why would you be afraid of dogs in a time of peace like this?” asked the clever rooster.
“I am not sure they have heard about the new agreement of peace,” he said and took off.