A Writing Tutorial


This Web site contains a series of video tutorials that explain the process of organizing and writing a paragraph. It begins with the theory behind the process then moves on to selecting your topic, choosing your details, and explaining your details. After you have completed these steps, you will see a video that explains how to revise your work so that you have a paper that you could submit.

Although these tutorials are based on an explanation paragraph, with a little tweaking, you could use the format for any number of writing assignments: description, explanation, analysis, persuasion, etc.

You can view these tutorials as you write your paragraph, or if you are having a problem with a certain part of the process, you could view that specific video only. The links below will connect you to each video.

When you view the Theory tutorial, you will need the note taking guide. Your teacher should give you a copy of it. Ask him or her for a copy first; if that's not possible, then download and print the note guide. As you view the video, jot down some ideas on the right side of the sheet.

One more thing, these tutorials provide a suggested approach for you to use. This process is not THE ONLY way to write, so remember to follow your teacher's directions.

Good luck. If you have any feedback about these videos, whether you think of something that I may have missed or something that made a lot of sense to you, please let me know.

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