Medicine Label Words

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medicinesomething you take for an illness - for example, aspirin, cough syrup, or a prescription for a drug
warningBe careful - Keep out of reach of children
labelpaper on medicine bottles - gives you information
mealbreakfast, lunch, or dinner
one tablet 3 times dailytab.gif 3 x
Keep out of reach of childrenput the medicine where children can't get it
Rx Nothe number of your prescription
Dosehow much medicine you take and when you take it
Qtyquantity - the number of pills in this prescription
Refillsthe number of times you can get more medicine without seeing your doctor
Before 9/30/08the expiration date - You can refill the prescription until this date. You cannot refill the prescription after this date.
Prescriptiona doctor's order for medicine